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  Welcome to the low cost rifle scopes site. Since you are buying online, our prices are very darn good. It's that low overhead thing. One thing is for sure, if you are looking for a good quality cheap rifle scope, this is the place to buy.

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Tip: The best rifle scope mounting system for accuracy is with the base/ring combos offered by Talley and DNZ Products. These type of mounts are more rigid. Both are popular with varmit hunters and target shooters.

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What are the top five best rifle scopes under $150 in 3x9 power? 1. Sightron SI, 2. Mueller Hybrid, 3. Swift Reliant, 4. Alpen Kodiak, and 5. Bushnell Trophy.

Buy Low Cost Rifle Scopes Bushnell Tasco World Class 3x9 40mm Simmons 8-Point Leupold VX-1 BSA Nikon ProStaff 4x12 Swift Reliant 6x18 Burris BSA deer hunting buy Hawke long range Pentax 3x9x40 Zeiss Alpen discount price Riflescope 2x7 Swarovski Vortex Barska Huntmaster 4x NcStar cheap rifle scope for sale Nikon 4x12x50 varmint UTG Leapers Redfield for sale Weaver Kaspa 6x Sightron Mueller Truglo Konus and Aim Sports.

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Shopping for the best cheap rifle scope for the price can be an adventure. Figure out what type of hunting you do in your part of the country. In the eastern USA a good 4x may be all you need because most of your shots will be at 200 yards or less sometimes in dense cover. Whitetail deer are a bit more spooky too so the lower 4x could put you on target faster. Four power works good on lever action guns and bolt action rifles in 243 win or 308 Winchester. Out in the western states you could be taking shots of 300 yards or more at mule deer, elk, and antelope with a 270 winchester, 30-06 Springfield, or 7mm Remington magnum. A 3x9 with a 40mm objective lens could be just the ticket, and a 3x9-50, 3.5x10 or 3x10-44 should be even better. The 50mm lens really pulls in the light. A discount price 3x9-42 will work for eastern whitetail also. Varmint hunting is a lot like target shooting except you may be taking shots at 400, 450, 500, or even 600 yards with a 223, 22-250, or 243. For a low cost varmint scope you need at least a 12x. Common for varmint shooting are 2.5x10-42, 3x12, 4x12, 6x24, 10x40-50, and 6x18 magnifications. When rock chucks, coyotes, and jack rabbits are to be taken at more than 400 yards, you need some power! Also it is wise to invest in a quality spotting scope or binoculars so it is easy to scan the area you are hunting.

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For an AR type rifle such as the AR15, M4, and A2, you need the best cheap rifle scopes for fast follow-up shots. The discount 2x7 32mm variable is a popular choice, even though I would pick a compact fixed 4x with long eye relief for an AR15. Even though the little 223 5.56mm Nato does not kick much, you still need equipment that can hold up to the abuse on a miltary assualt type gun. Ditto for the Ruger Mini-14.

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I would put shotguns and black powder muzzleloaders in the same catagory. My advice from reading the reviews is to pick the riflescope optics for a high power bolt action such as the 300 Winchester Magnum as they should be better built than those for black powder muzzleloaders and deer hunting shotguns. There is no reason to have more than a fixed 6x on these type of weapons.
For a 22 rimfire, there are really no rules to follow even though a 2x7-32 or 3x9-32 should work fine for most people. Of course it is fun shooting grasshoppers off of cornstocks with a good 22 LR rimfire. Even if you are shopping for cheap rifle scopes for sale, make sure to buy quality rings and bases. Mounting is very important, so quality discount scope rings are a must!

Popular models with a good warranty: Tasco Target Varmint ProPoint Tasco World Class Pronghorn. Simmons 44 Mag ProHunter ProSport Simmons 8-Point ProTarget Predator Quest Riflescopes. Bushnell Banner 30-30 duplex reticle Elite 6500 Trophy XLT Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Multi-X reticle. Leupold VX-1 matte black VX-2 Mark AR Leupold Rifleman VX-3 silver VX-6. Nikon ProStaff Coyote Special gloss black Nikon Buckmaster Nikon Monarch. Barska Huntmaster Pro Sniper Barska Varmint Tactical Point Black. Weaver Kaspa. Swift Quadraplex Premier Swift Reliant Tactical. NcStar Mark III Ruby Lens. Leapers UTG Redfield Sightron SI SII SIII Mueller Hybrid Truglo Konus Aim Sports Hawke Carl Zeiss Alpen Kodiak Riflescope BSA Swarovski and Vortex.

Some of my favorite deer and elk hunting guns are the Remington 700 770 Ruger 77 American Savage Axis 11 111 Stevens 200 Tikka T3 Mossberg ATR 100 4x4 Marlin XL7 XS7 X7 Weatherby Vanguard TC Venture Howa 1500 and CZ 550.
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